Calf Grower Feed

  • It has been specially formulated for growth of calves.
  • It contains aroma in order to increase and encourage feed intake.
  • It contains qualified protein of %17. This keeps muscle growth at the highest level.
  • It contains fermented fibrous carbonhydrate in order to increase rumen activites of the calf.
  • It has ideal vitamin mineral combination during calf period.
  • It contains high level of vitamin E in order to support immune system against diseases.
  • It contains yeast extract in order to support rumen development and for Group B vitamins.
  • It contains organic Zn, Mn, Cu in order to support immune system and development.

Yeast extract: It regulates rumen pH and makes rumen development fast.

Organic Zn, Mn, Cu: organic minerals support growing and immune system.