Our Factories

We are very close to you

We have shaped our activities to be always close to you and to render the better services. Our plants already built at that time, are located in different geographical places of our country. Besides our plants situated in Ankara, Manisa, Kars and Sakarya, we intend to continue on plant investment in close future.

We have constituted regional directorates at different locations of our country in order to increase the quality of our services and products as well. In this respect, 11 Regional Directors are rendering services at their own regions.

Your perception about our company, the capability of our company to know you depends on the communication and activity skills of talented people. Such that, this skill allows the correct perception. If the perceived correct data is efficiently assessed, this can lead to the formation of the most optimal solutions. The regional directors of our company as your business partners have the necessary skills to understand you the best and to render you the best services.

We believe that how well we understand you the best results we can obtain. And these results will be the most important resource of our close relationship.

Ankara Factory

Activity Commencement Date: 1995
Production Capacity : 50 Tons / hour
Stock Capacity : 15.000 Tons

Sakarya Factory

Activity Commencement Date: 2011
Production Capacity: 40 Tons / hour
Stock Capacity: 15.000 Tons

Kars Factory

Activity Commencement Date: 2010
Production Capacity: 25 Tons / hour
Stock Capacity: 8.000 Tons

Manisa Factory

Activity Commencement Date: 2012
Production Capacity: 50 Tons / hour
Stock Capacity: 15.000 Tons