Concentration 30

  • It has been specially formulated for high concentrated feeding system.
  • It is used as 1 kg per animal in a day.
  • Minimum 2 kg of straw should be used.
  • Barley and maize should be mixed. Ideal ratio is 2/1.
  • It contains qualified protein of 30%. It has suitable fermantation structrue with starch sources to be used.
  • It has ideal vitamin and mineral combination during feeding period.
  • It is supported with respect to macro-minerals (Ca, P, Mg, Na, Cl and K).
  • It contains high level of Vitamin E to increase meat quality and shelf-life.
  • In order to decrease possible acidosis cases it contains rumen buffers and live yeast.
  • In order to prevent laminitis and support development it contains organic zinc, cooper,  manganese and biotin.

Live Yeast: It regulates rumen pH and increases digestion rate and live weight.

Organic Zn, Mn, Cu: Organic minerals support development and immune system.

Biotin: It decreases possible laminitis cases.