Master Dairy

  • It is formulated for farms that are using corn silage during lactation period of low efficient dairy cattle.
  • It contains protein of 21%. It contains degradable protein in rumen that is suitable for microbial fermantation structrue.
  • It contains fiber carbomhydrate which is fermantable in the rumen with an ideal rate.
  • It has ideal vitamin mineral combination for cows during whole lactation period.
  • It contains magnesium oxide in order to increase milk quality and prevent acidosis.

Herbal extract: It prevents degradation of protein in rumen, decreases MUN level of the milk and by increasing propionic acid synthesis provides protection against ketosis and affectsmilk effiency positively.

Magnesium oxide: It prevents instant decreases in pH of rumen, decreases risk of acidosis and affects milk fat positively.