About Us

Various flows have taken place at different periods in the company management approach.

Although these flows differ from company to company, sometimes whole quality understanding, sometimes customer orientation and sometimes competitive capacity became prominent. In fact the correct way is to gather these three factors into one basket. Thereof we have attached the same importance to these flows with same degree and we have remarked the positive contributions brought to our company. However, we have never forgotten that the real value which has contributed to our growth is the preservation of our culture that we characterize as the understanding of Anatolian tradesmen. The driving force orienting our entities was formed by the mixing of these factors and their preservation.

The product name we have obtained from Anatolian tradesmen understanding mixing combined with entities’ strategies becomes a powerful trade mark name “Ofis Yem”. The appreciation of this brand name by both our employees and our customers is our biggest pride.

A powerful company means powerful business partners, knowledgeable and character-wise employees having vision, customers having growth potentials and company being aware of mission. The ability to keep all of them together is the result of our consensus culture which constitutes the main dynamic of our company. We, as “Ofis Yem”, we aimed at always bringing the consensus culture to the forefront and uniting at the correct and great solution. And this consensus culture helped us to meet and keep with happy stakeholders together.

According to us, productivity is the other name for abundance. The products we manufacture are consumed in livestock sector and are products given result relying on productivity. That is why we know how it is crucial to prepare rigorously all the works in order to reach abundance. And in this regards, we are very sensible relating to the products we manufacture.

We are also very pleased to hear your positive comments on our works and read from your mind the awards of success. And we say, our basic duty is to make happy of everybody trusting on us relating our job, in other words to make you happy.

Hoping you will always be happy, we wish you health and welfare.