Oskar Dairy

  • It has been specially formulated for peak period of dairy cattle.
  • It contains protein of 23%. It contains high level of bypass protein which is not degradable in the rumen.
  • It contains high level of balanced fermentable carbonhydrate in order to maximize propionic acid and acetic acid production in the rumen and accordingly milk efficiency.
  • It contains bypass starch.
  • It has ideal vitamin mineral combination for cattle during whore lactation period.
  • It contains herbal extract for protein protection in rumen and increase in propionic acid.
  • It contains live yeast in order to decrease possible acidosis cases and increase fiber digestion.
  • It contains magnesium oxide and bicarbonate in order to increase milk quality and prevet acidosis.
  • It contains organic zinc, manganese and biotin in order to prevent laminitis, support milk efficiency and increase immunity.
  • It contains toxin binder in order to provide protection against micro-toxins which may develop in the farms.

Herbal extract: It prevents degradation of protein in rumen, decreases MUN level of the milk and by increasing propionic acid synthesis provides protection against ketosis and affectsmilk effiency positively..

Magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate: It decreases risk of acidosis by increasing and fixing rumen pH.

Live yeast: It regulates rumen pH and increases digestion rate of fiber.

Organic Zn, Mn, Cu: Organic minerals support milk effiency and immune system.

Biotin: It decreases possible laminitis cases.

Toxin binder: It prevents possible micro-toxin cases increase milk quality.