Total Feed

  • It has been formulated for feeding process of crossbreeds and local breeds.
  • It contains qualified protein 14%. Its microbial protein sythesis is high due to its ideal fermantation structure.
  • In order to maximize propionic acid production in rumen and accordingly increase in live weight it contains high level of fermentable carbonhydrate..
  • It has ideal vitamin mineral combination during whole feeding period.
  • It contains high level of vitamin E in order to increase meat quality and shelf-life.
  • In order to decrease possible acidosis cases it contains magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate combination.
  • In order to prevent laminitis and support immune system it contains organic zinc and biotin.

Magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate: It decreases risk of acidosis by increasing and fixing rumen pH

Organic Zn: It supports immune system and decreases laminitis cases.

Biotin: It decreases possible laminitis cases.