We try hard to produce the best

The machinery of our plants was established by following the last novelties of the technology. We are still continuing buying new machines to our plants by following again the laws novelties happened in the technology. Furthermore, the production and development machinery found at our head office in Ankara is rendering service within our own scope. These acquisitions allow us to continue our productions with full automation systems. The production processes of our all plants are monitored on-line from our head office in Ankara and the whole processes are kept under one control point. All manufacture products are analyzed in advanced laboratories in order to reach faultless production target.


We always select the best

According to us, a quality product is composed of three resources. These are the human factor who will produce with great attention and knowledge the products, quality raw materials and machines which will perform the production. Our company which holds the best for these three sources is one of the leading companies on the sector offering quality product and service. Our Human Resources department is composed of qualified and open vision minded who are capable to keep up with the developing and changing conditions. The internal and external trainings, field observations and novelty following allow us to catch the perfection at human factor which is the most important resource. The raw material trade culture longstanding for many generations of the family Yesilbas which is one of the founder families has considerably contributed to the development of our company. Thanks to this culture longstanding for many generations, the raw materials used in our products are selected with great attention. The products selected either from the domestic and abroad international markets, are accepted after being analyzed at the best developed laboratory found within the scope of our company. In order to reach these raw materials with economical and healthy manner, we have elaborated raw material purchase centers in our country but also in some places all over the world.


All together at each step

Our well-supported technical team is also continuing its activities in the scope of our company in order to orient the manufactured products in the area of usage and elaborate solutions by getting to the root of the problem encountered. Our technical team founded at the head office in Ankara and directed by the direction is separately elaborated for each plant. Our teams composed of expert staff have high operation capability skills and sufficiently qualified. Our team employees graduated from the related departments of universities continue also their academic studies and are part of professional solutions by participating to abroad or domestic trainings.